Flora on Kuari Pass Trek

We are used to hiking on our own, living on oatmeal, pasta, nuts and chocolate. A three-course dinner and a staff to wash the dishes is not really our style but on the Kuari Pass Trek, “you get what you pay for” took on a completely positive connotation.

Kuari Pass Trek Experience

Old Delhi Bazaar backed by the Red Fort

The sound of fork against bowl is a clue that eggs are being beaten into omelets somewhere nearby. Laborers squat at tiny stands for thali while housewives line up to carry home freshly baked naan wrapped in newspaper. Placid cows are oblivious to the traffic jams they cause. This is Old Delhi Bazaar.

Ten Snaps from Old Delhi Bazaar

The Dalai Lama greeting attendees on Jun 1, 2013

Just before 9 AM, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama made his entrance. Everyone stood up. There was a hush, that particular sound of hundreds of people holding their breath. A few people around us started crying. Practitioners of Buddhism bowed in prayer.

The One with the Dalai Lama