We are taking a sharp turn off the path we’re on and see where we wind up. To press our way through    hutongs, meditate in sacred cities, walk to the tops of mountains and pedal on dirt paths…to negotiate, navigate, explore and challenge ourselves to reconsider everything that’s a given in our worldview.

To resituate.

We are transitioning from full-time jobs to full-time travel in search of innovation in business and social entrepreneurship. Fresh perspective breeds creativity and, we hope, some ideas about new solutions to old problems. We will try to share what we learn.

Asier is a self-described “dynamizer” who looks for ways to connect people who can develop great ideas together. An entrepreneur since 2010, he has cofounded several start-ups for technology and gamification consulting. He works mainly with small businesses, with a view to keeping physical shops alive by helping them connect the offline and online. Prior to starting his own businesses, he worked for several years in the distribution sector.

Asier hails from Bilbao (capital of the world) and has lived and worked in Brussels and London. He is an intrepid nonverbal communicator and a gadget pragmatist.

Casey is a wanderer and observer. A former political science geek, she is always looking at issues from every angle and trying to see how different variables fit together in the big picture. She has worked in international human capital management and most recently in R&D at a Spanish wind turbine manufacturer.

Casey is from New York (also capital of the world) and has lived and worked in Paris, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia and Bilbao. She has not yet met a bureaucracy she couldn’t navigate.